Looks Familiar

Anyone else think this looks a lot like the KHU or maybe just my eyes playing tricks on me. Thoughts?


It’s not your eyes! Lol, must just be a nicely done lifecast retool, which is what the KHU is. Not bad at all!

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Agree. When I first saw it I thought it was the KHU. Without the drama though :laughing:

This is a mask made by Simon Edwards, aka, “psycho si”, here on the forum. As stated above, it was sculpted using a life-cast (similar to how Ken created the KHU). Simon has made several tweaks over time to further improve the sculpture to his likings. Personally, I think it’s fantastic.

I didn’t know he finished it! That is stellar.

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Wow it has come a long way! Good info, thanks.

Looks to be his project 78’.in an H2 Style…

His phase 2 was much better imo, the left ear is complete weird from this one

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Yup that’s Simon’s work. He sculpted it from the life cast.