Maniac Finally!!

Hey guy i finally got this from devilman after 9 months :astonished: Its badassā€¦ NOW ON WITH THE PICS!!!

Congrats bro, looks killer!!

Congrats on the awesome score. It looks amazing. :drinkers:

Glad you got it bro! Looks sweet! Congrats :rock:

i personally love the maniac,i own 2,id like to own a whole shitload if i could hahaha!!

the maniac just looks damn evil to me in every aspect.
very nice piece you snagged there!!

Very nice Maniac brother.

Killer Maniac :drinkers:

Nice score! I have a soft spot, a very soft spot, for a Maniac. Congrats Gavin


love the maniac :rock:


Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

dam right man! congrats on a killer score :drinkers:

excellent now get it in a display case.

Amazing looking Maniac you have there, congrats :slight_smile:

nice i told you you would get it eventually :smiley:

thats a great maniac for sure. take care of it

The maniac is definately a sweet mask. Justin is the man.

I want one!!! How much!?