March 8th 2012 Pics

Lets see some cool shots!

Amazing pieces! That loomis is a beaut :sunglasses:

That Spaulding is amazing dude!

Sweet Spaulding!
Lovin’ the Joker Joey :open_mouth:

MMM…mmmm :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


This is beyond words Nick! Great piece man!

this is a good pic of the day

old pic of most of the mask i have

Thanks Joey :smiley:

***Paul that second shot is some wicked stuff man :open_mouth:

Awesome pics of the day!!!
Nick :drinkers:

Thanks much, Nick.

Great pics everyone! :smiley: Some steller pieces in this thread. :supz:

Got this Uncle Creepy mask for my birthday yesterday. :sunglasses:

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Justin Mabry…my new Lunatic that shipped yesterday :sunglasses:

OK…Randy is Leading the Pack :supz:
Waste no time posting this beauty up Randy and remember…COSTUME SHOTS :axe: