Mask Dry Rot - Need help

I have masks in my collection from many different manufacturers and Indie Artists ranging anywhere from 5 years to 40 years old. Out of all of these masks I found one to be seemingly dry rotting on me. I took the mask out of the glass cabinet that all of my masks are kept in. I examined the mask closely and found that the entire nose was rock hard, the edge of the neck was starting to get brittle and on the inside of the neck edges the color was darkening. The mask in concern is one of my 2003 Bump In The Night Productions Captain Spaulding masks in original condition. After researching this issue I’m convinced that it’s basically being caused by the loss of moisture in the latex. So far this is the only mask that this is happening to.

So my question to anyone out there who may have the answer is this. Is there a product on the market that can be used to spray or brush onto the latex either inside and/or outside to help seal in what moisture is left thus preventing the dry rot process?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mask with issue

I heard that 303 Aerospace is able to bring the mask back into its former condition, where the mask isn’t hard anymore and it’s soft.

I’m not quite sure though, since I personally never used it myself.

Was this 2003 mask ever worn or stored in conditions where it can get hot? It’s a bit odd that if you just stored it in a glass Capone the and took good care of it, the moisture of the latex just leaves out. But I assume it’s most likely the type of latex different manufacturers use. Some are great and last a lifetime, some are just cheap.

Latex is a natural material, and therefore bound to be inconsistent. Some of it just seems to rot faster than others, just like any organic material. The 303 spray sounds promising

Hey Chad I went with clear Plasti-Dip spray on my 2K. It seems to have completely halted the rotting. I also trimmed the bottom of the neck area where the issue with cracking & hardening was the worst. A couple of light coats with drying time in between. This was about 8 months ago or something. You can find it at Menards in the spray paint section. I actually just gave it a 2nd covering about two-three weeks back. Good luck buddy. Sorry to hear this that’s a great mask!

303 Aerospace Protectant is liquid gold. I used it on a rotting mask and it basically brought it back to life. Highly highly recommend it. Very easy to use

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll look into both the Clear Plasti-Dip and the 303 Aerospace Protectant.

In regards to this product. I’m assuming you only sprayed the inside of the mask right? I can’t imagine the product being able to sink through the paint on the outside of the mask and into the latex. Also, I noticed there is a couple different versions of it. Marine and Automotive. Which one did you use?

That’s right. Spray inside. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then throughly wipe it down. I’ve used this version:

I second plasti dip and 303 protectant. I’ve used both on a mask way worse than your mask and the rot hasn’t progressed, this was about 5 months ago