Mask for smaller head...

Hello there!
I can’t say I was dissapointed with TOTS 78, gave me a lot of fun with rehauling and some cool photos! But there more I have fun with Mikey the better I want to look. Would you recommend getting TOTS Boogeyman when my head is nearly 23inches?

Boogeyman is nearly as big as the TOTS 78 I’ve heard. The Elrod might be a better fit.

The TOTS Boogeyman is smaller than the TOTS 78. The TOTS Boogeyman is the Elrod just retooled. It’s not drastically smaller, but it is definitely smaller. It would fit better for you than the TOTS 78, but it would still not be a tight fit at size 23". It might fit more along the lines of comfortable/to slightly big.

I have a 24" head and the 78 is comfortable and slightly big. The way the Boogeyman fits me is somewhat snug, yet comfortable. So that’s what I am basing my size and fit on. Since your a 23", the Boogeyman would fit you more along the lines of how the 78 fits me.

I did mesaure my head once again - 22,4" small head, is it? Thank you for answer, you really helped me a lot! :wink: