Mask help!!

So as some of you know i just picked up a old 2001 knife wielder for $125 that was in terrible condition. I worked out a deal will the seller and in the end got it for $65.00. I wanted JC to fix it up for me but i will not have it back before Halloween because he has so many mask to do. He is the best at what he does and is very busy so i am going to give it a go and fix it up myself. So i have some questions… First is it better to use rubber cement glue,thinner and a colorant for the paint or monster makers paint base mixed with a colorant? I removed all the old paint and hair from the mask and the color of the latex under all the old paint is flesh tone, so i was thinking of spraying it with monster makers perma wet clear coating to seal the latex and keep the flesh tone color and then come back with a little white with the flesh ton showing to give it the H-2 look. I am going to start posting progress pics as i go. Anybody have any advice for me before i get started. I am new at this so i could use all the help i can get!! Thanks

If you spray it with perma wet then try to paint it white the paint will not adhere to the perma wet coating.Just paint it with a mix of latex and acrylic paint for a base coat.You can always leave some of the flesh toned latex showing underneath.Good luck.

Thanks man, that’s a big help, i am sure glade i did not do that!! Thanks again man.

I’m interested in this thread… as I have a yellowing Nemesis in need of an overhaul, although it may end up going to JC…