mask shelf life???

I was wondering…if you treat your mask well, but wear it quite a bit meaning your breath gets all up in it lol, how long can you expect your typical myers mask to last in number of years? thanks

Look how long the hero lasted, and it was treated horrible back in the day,


I wonder how the hero looks now?
Well the latex of yesteryear and the latex of today is alot different take good care of it and it should last a lifetime the hero is fairly rotted but then again look at the medleys kirk …
a few Bad things: Smoke:direct sunlight:Moisture:Not stuffing:Rough handling…

This is something that I’ve wondered too. I don’t take my masks off display very often, nor are they exposed to UV rays. I just powdered them all, but I still wonder how long they’ll last? I know my CS Resurrection and H30 seVen’s previous owner’s allowed them to yellow a bit.

I think a thin/medium or medium thick mask can last up to fifty or sixty years if taken care of properly.

I agree with Slasher. I think a large number of masks made by the independant guys today can last for years. I do know there are ways to help your mask keep ticking.

smoke? daaaaaaaayum :frowning: