Michael Myers Mask Hairline Importance

Hey Everyone.

How important do you think the hairline on a Myers mask plays a part? I honestly think it’s just as important as the eye cuts. I say this because it is a combination of one thing to view an image of a mask online and another to have that mask in person to do an overhaul.

100000% one of the most important parts of a mask. A bad hairline can make or break a mask entirely.

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Hairline is definitely important, good reference is the phone scene, also the eye cuts are crucial, gotta have that almond shape, not too big, not too small.

Very important. My biggest gripe is seeing a beautiful Myers mask with a nice perfect straight hairline on both sides and across the forehead.


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I am working on an H1 right now. I have the hairline drawn on, rough eye holes cut (will use felt tipped dremel to smooth eyehole cuts).
After that comes airbrushing the white paint, then minimal shading/weathering.
After that, I will begin hairing it.
Will use beige mohair and will use the black colored hairspray to darken hair.

I agree. I’ve seen comparisons of the TOTS 78 with the stock hairline to the hairline being lowered afterward, which surprisingly improves the whole look.

Using these photos as a reference.

Hairline is the most important thing next to eyecuts in my opinion. I’ll take a good hairline and eyecuts with a not so great paint job over a great paintjob with a jacked hairline and eyecuts anyday. Nice work on those cuts!

Very much important, who wants a Myers mask with a reciting hairline? And the Kirk masks didn’t have perfect hairlines, remember, they were also mass produced, just like TOTS.

We have a winner!

Has to have that asymmetry…it’s a detail that’s hard to get just right (impossible, even), and you can see artists struggling with it to some degree…but as long as the suggestion is there that it’s asymmetrical and imperfect, it gives it a more authentic look. I’m not about to make a huge fuss over a hairline that isn’t just like the hero pics, but if it’s too symmetric then that’s a little offensive, there has to be some effort put into making it look like the original.