Michaellantern (Benny) Your H1 Jack O is Finished. Pics

_Finished this today for Benny. Added a wet look to the meat of the Jack O per request. Makes it look more fresh in person. Enjoy Buddy it is shipped. John you are up next.


I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE SOON!!! Great work man. Mike :smiley:

Mike you need the H2 to go with that bust you put together or both…hehe . lol

:open_mouth: THAT is what I wanted Matthew…PERFECT brudda!

Halloween just got a little better this year man! :rock:

VERY awesome score! :rock:

Good stuff Matt…now get me one out just like it :smiley: Amy

Matt your have mastered these pumpkins! Very awesome.

Gorgeous pumpkin! Congrats Benny! Matt does a sensational job on all of his jols! Just lovely man!

Nice score man. I have to add one of these to my collection someday.

Great job Matt! Love the weathering on it and great attention to detail.

Nice score Benny!

That is major league.Unbelievable work,buddy.

Looks so real,it’s insane :open_mouth:

Congrats,Benny on what is probably the best H1 Mayhem jack-o I have seen!!
:rock: :rock:

Beautiful Job!! Looks GREAT!!! :drinkers: Bob

Can’t wait to see what you have for me Matt.
The wet look of that jack o is sweet. Nice work!

My oh my Benny you are getting some outstanding scores lately! :sunglasses:

Damn! These just keep getting better and better! I’d love that wet look on mine, Matthew. Great stuff. :rock:


That’s one Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown… Congrats !!!