Minor touch-ups to TOTS Boogeyman ?

So I want to make the Boogeyman mask look like the second photo.

  1. Should I use black or is that too bold? I used black in photoshop but the opacity was down to about 30 percent and I know actual paint can look much different.

  2. Should I still mix latex with the paint ? And does it still need a sealant?

Sorry for the total newb questions. Any help is greatly appreciated. Really like this mask but I feel it just needs those black spots to really look like the Shape.
Boogeyman mine fix comparison.jpg

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i think that if you drybrush the black parts , you can decide when its too black

Do I still need to use a sealant at the end? I guess I could just leave the mask like it is but I feel the black parts make it look better, especially around the eyes.

[attachment=0]Boogeyman eye comparison.jpg[/attachment]

I always do those shaded parts with fleshtone, but that requires a full repaint, so I don’t think you’d want to do that. Just drybrush the black, and add the shading in small amounts and take your time.

I think black shading makes masks look like pandas, but to each their own.

I’m not a fan of heavy shading at all to my eyes it’s extremely fake and soft of goofy looking

Wasn’t the black on the eyes, nose and mouth just from him touching the spots after touching the painted hair? TBH though the more I look at this mask, the happier I am with it like it is. I think I’ll just leave it for now. The shadows seem to add the effect anyway.

the white paint wore off, from Castle and Warlock pulling it off, but Warlock pinched the nose after grabbing the hair, then put his thumbs under the eyes