Moonlight "Buried"

Whats up guys…Been a while since ive posted pics of this mask so I just wanted to share a few that I took tonight under the moonlight…To those that dont know this was repainted by Chad(Warlock) to give it a more on screen appearance…He definately nailed that for me…The paint is remarkable in all sorts of lighting conditions especially at night…My man scott hooked up the hair job and this is the first of hopefully 3 more I would to get…Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the shots…Later guys

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Killer Copy, Curtis & Chad did a fantastic job on it! :rock:

those shots look straight outta the first RZ installment- the swimming pool scene! :mrgreen:
nice shots curtis!

J :wink:

Nice shots. You should include some other lighting in the thread so we can see what a great job chad did on the re paint

Still a beautiful mask Curtis now on with more costume shots.

i know its an H9 mask but with the lighting it looks H2ish. it looks amazing to say the least. great pics. id love to see costume shots in that lighting

always love your shots :rock:

Superb!!! The Moonlight makes that Buried Mask Evil!!!

What happened to my post? Anyway. Nice mask!

Great pics Curtis!!

I always loved your moonlight shots and the Buried is just insane in that type of light :rock: :rock:

curtis thats awsome bro, take pride in that

Thanks for the kind words my friends…I really wasnt going for anything in particular meaning an H1 or H2 scenic scenario…I just think myers mask especially the RZ mask looks amazing under moonlight conditions…I think the RZ mask looks creepy as hell under low light especially the moonlight…But being as I thought the lighting in H2 was outstanding I dont mind at all if it appears to be an H2 setting :sunglasses: …One of these days when i complete my buried series I will do my best to take some H2 shots in the moonlight…I went to do costume shots but the batteries in my cam remote died so i just snapped a quick few pics on the mask itself…Thanks again guys for the kind words…You guys always :rock:…And here are a few shots that I took in morning light a few weeks ago but never posted…I thought some were too dark and others too bright, but you can still see the paint pretty well…I wanted the mask to look like it does on screen when its on display without using different light…I think Chad nailed it for me…He is one of the greatest guys to work with and has a nice eye for detaill…Thanks again guys and enjoy…Later fella’s

These are just some old pics I have that also show the paint pretty well in a few different light settings…

Cool thanks for the extra shots. I like that paint up!

Thanks for posting those man! As far as Buried’s go, your copy’s still probably my favorite. It’s the benchmark of Buried’s imo. :prayer:

THose are really great shots Curtis. That mask is pretty amazing too.

:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

:rock: Thanks for the comments fella’s…Its always appreciated my friends :rock: :sunglasses:

:open_mouth: AWESOME MY BRUTHA!!!

One of the most awesome masks ever.
The Myers mask is at its prime when in action.
Moonlit shots are like, the icing on the lifesize Myers cake. :laughing: