More NAG 75k H1 worn Pics

Took a few more shots tonight thought Id post them. Most of my last pics were not all that great, took them in real bad lighting and really did the mask no justice. Wish I had a tripod but once again, I had to rush to have someone take these pics. Also the costume needs improvement, especially the undershirt and due to my busy schedule I cant even for the life of me take some good costume shots for once. Hope you like them for what they are.

Killer pic’s, I really wouldn’t worry to much about the t-shirt…Dean

Creepy pics :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Just get a black or dark green shirt with no print on them. I often forget and screw
Get them usps boxes, stack them up and place you’re camera. It does the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks alot Dean and kaizu…much appreciated. Kaizu thanks for the tip, will definitely try that. :sunglasses:

Nice pics, you certainly have a very nice copy.

Awesome shots Fahad!!! :smiley:

Man, Nik killed that badboy - & you wear it very well! :rock:

AMAzing shots man! I wont see mine again for awhile :frowning: but it will be worth it :smiley:

That is just hands down the Hero all the way. Looking good my man!!!
Nick :rock:

Thanks so much Ishothim6times, Jason, Bridge, Jim, and Nick!! Im totally thrilled with all the great comments. :rock: :drinkers:

Great shots Fahad! That Lamson is a beast!

I’ve said it before, Fahad. AMAZING! You got a freakin’ fantastic mask right there. It looks so spot on. Nik killed these guys! Cheers!! :rock:

Thanks Joey and Darren…really appreciate it guys. I would have to agree, Nik did kill these. :rock: