More QOTS Scores

Just got these in from Scott - my first Buried lineup is complete. I’m kinda hooked on these masks now, already have ideas for a 2nd lineup :rock:

(Sorry for using your pics, Scott, but I can’t find my camera…plus, I suck at taking pics :mrgreen: )

Thanks again for everything, Scott! :drinkers: :rock:

(He totally saved this Revolver - I went a little overboard on the cuts, but Scott worked his magic & fixed her back on up :wink: )

Congratulations on having the full Buried line up. You are a lucky guy :smiley:

Too cool Bridge. Congrats on owning the lineup.

Thanks y’all! :smiley: I’m really looking forward to getting my other obligations behind me so I can get the 2nd lineup (hopefully with some added surprises for y’all :wink: )

Thanks again, guys, I really appreciate - & further thanks to Scott for making these the best possible. He went out of his way to assure my satisfaction & for that I am extremely grateful :smiley:

I totally agree, Scott is a top guy to deal with.

A Buried touched up by Scott is always something very special.
congratulations man!

Awesome Stuff Brother Bridge they are Sweeeetttt,Thanks for Sharing Friend :rock: :rock:

Thanks again for looking & commenting, y’all. :smiley: Scott’s work on these is phenomenal! :rock: