My Bowie from Micklbanez, Plus Costume Teaser

Allright Guys and Gals, Here is a quick costume shot of my Hobo Myers still working on the jacket just need a few things but almost done and i will be selling theses if anyone wants one. Allright my Amazing Bowie knife came in today and this knife is amazing and real also very very sharp i cut myself already lol. The bowie is made by MickIbanez and he does amazing amazing work and i also bought a H9 from him. Thanks for Looking guys.

Glad you got it man. Costume shots look great too.

:rock: :rock: :rock: -Raymond

Hero? c’mon now. A few months back every new mask was screen used. Now that we’ve gotten over that were going to abuse the term “Hero”?
Its a fine replica indeed Raymond does fantastic work on those. But call it what it is

Sorry man, i wasnt here when that Screen Used thing was happening. Changed it

Its all good. Thanks and I forgot to say that the hobo costume is looking good :rock: and that knife is sick! :rock:

I really needa get me one of them.

Great Score you got their. Costume is looking good, can’t wait to see it finished.

very nice indeed!! I always love seeing Hobo Myers costume shots!! Looking good!!!

Such an awesome knife MickIbanez…are the bowie’s sharpened or just dull?

Sharpened trust me very sharpened

Here are another pic of the knife before i shipped it.

Awesome knife.