My first / only Myers mask

Let’s see who knows what mask it is! Also, anyone seen any with a similar paint job? I have only seen this one!!
2017-10-21 17.33.01.jpg

Tommy from Ghastly Pro made this sucker :wink:

Yessir! I know people like the screen accurate look but I really really like this mask. Have you seen any others it the grimy blood look? I think it adds just enough to it and the black hair is like a new take on Myers
2017-10-21 18.00.27.jpg

I hear ya. This one was called The Killer :myers: I’ve seen worse by way of mass produced ones :laughing:

Cool mask, man. Who cares what anyone thinks, though. What you think about the mask is all that matters. Trust me, never let anyone tell you what to like or sell. There is nothing worse than getting rid of a mask because of what other people said, only to regret it soon after and wish you could buy it back.

Enjoy it man! You never forget your first haha