My first shot at Hair!

I finally did this MMFX No name hair, i was really scared to mess it up lol and after talking to josh(darkartist81) he encouraged me to go at it and have fun! So here it is, it was a lil tough but i am happy with the way it came out, I no its not perfect but for a first try I think I did well…So this ones for Josh! Thanks for the encouragement bro!
Thanks for looking and enjoy!
Sorry for the side pics, photobucket was being stupid and wouldnt rotate…

I no it needs styled but the glue is still drying so i might do it tomorrow when its fully dry!

Nice job Ethan! Looks really good! :sunglasses:

not bad brother, not bad at all.


Nice job man :rock:

looks real nice …i have one for rehair its to bad there i live in the other extreme of the world lol

Thanks for the kind responses guys, i no its not the greatest but it did come out good and hey! it stuck to the mask hahaha i will be styling the hair sometime soon and will post some shots of it and maybe some costume shots…
Thanks again