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The mask that ive wanted since i started collecting just arrived. I was finally able to afford it so i bit the bullet and boy its worth every penny. Ill let you guys decide though.

That is definitely a keeper.


Congrats man, that’s one of the best six mask out there. It always feels nice to get your hands on something you’ve been wanting for awhile. Now get some costume shots!

Thats a hell of a score! it looks great man congrats.

Better believe it… it is an awfully nice day outside tonight. hmm…

Congrats man,SSN does amazing work and youve got a great copy! It fits you really good,looks nice and creepy :smiley: :rock:

Nice pick up.

Nice copy , ND GREAT SHOTS…Congrats…Damn u even look like George… r u his Double? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Each GPW I’ve seen has a slightly different paint job and this is one of the best copies I’ve ever seen :sunglasses:
Big congrats and great costume shots!

awsome score, love the basement shots

Congrats on an amazing score!!

LOL nah i just eat as well as i should sometimes :wink:


Fantastic Pics man!!!

Err I meant DON’T eat as well as I should lol

Thanks guys!

Quick video i did up

Great score & great pictures man. :drinkers:
Nice to see you around the boards again.

That vid was awesome thanks for sharing your masterpiece with us.