My New Mini Myers mask line!

Hello all! I’d like to share with you some sculpts and mini masks I make! I wanted to do something different from 1:1 sculpting and I did these H1 and 2s pictured years ago but just dug out the mold and finished the ones pictured, They look pretty good for being old work and old skill sets…

My mini Kills however ‘‘Min-HE Kills’’…Is a new sculpt and mold I just finished with the first copy pictured here! Thanks so much

These are bigger than 1/4 and a james jude courtney bust will be available for the kills!
Screenshot (709).jpg

Are these actual masks made of latex? If so, that’s pretty cool!

indeed they are man! molded like a tradtional mask also! thanks man :smiley:

They look incredible.

To give you an idea, have you thought of doing a mini mask scaled for 1/6 scale myers figures like the TOTS '78?
I imagine all it would need would be a compatible blank head and then the mask to place over it

That’s incredible work my friend

Thanks man appreciate it! I normally sculpt regular sized stuff so even this is a bit too small for me haha appreciate the feedback!

Thanks so much highly appreciate it :smiley:

Very nice! :drinkers:

Really cool!

thank you man highly appreciate the comment!

ew who are you? <3 much love big dog! thank you kindly

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I miss the forum. I wish it was busier. It’s nice to see something cool being made.

I know man me too…Thanks for commenting man i was getting bored with big stuff i wanted to do masks but finish them quicker haha!