My RZ Halloween Display, THUS FAR *VIDEO*

I thought I’d take a video so you can see what my current set up is looking like. I am waiting for 3 masks that will occupy the empty cases/heads. I will update again once everything arrives :tonqe: :wink: :mrgreen:



:open_mouth: WOW, you’re displays are amazing!

you know how to satisfy an RZ fan

your setups sick!! cant wait to see those new ones coming

Thanks :wink: :supz:

Hey bro, Thanks. This was just the appetizer :wink: :sunglasses: The main course is still being prepared :tonqe: :mrgreen: :rock:

:supz: They are coming very soon :mrgreen: :rock:



Great to see such a passionate RZ Myers Fan! As much as some people trash him for his vision of the films its good to know that Im not the only one who is a huge fan of his Myers lol. I Hope to some day own a HSS Tyler Bust Myself. Keep up the great work!

Nice to have someone enjoy it as much as I do :slight_smile: Check my threads in a few weeks, I will be posting another video sooner than later :supz: :mrgreen: :rock:


I envy everyone that has the Tyler bust, those are just amazing. Your display is really cool and I’m looking forward to seeing the new masks when you get them.

Thanks bro. Yea can’t wait till they come in :wink: :supz:


Edward by the time they come in your gonna have the top dogs of the Burieds :smiley:.

i see a lots of collection but this one is outstanding i love it so so so much can you tell me please where i can find a blonde wing like the clown mask…congrats for everything and thanks so much for sharing this piece of haven.

:open_mouth: :smiley: :mrgreen: And then costume shots are coming :wink:

Thanks bro. Search ebay for a straight blonde wig :bulb: . Then just cut it and mess it up and there ya go :wink: :rock:

I just got my escape mask in from Jo today. Still waiting on the revolver,buzznet and clean. figured I’d snap a pic or 2 :slight_smile:


Awesome display!
I figured that escape wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday but, that’s
Awesome it already showed up.


im assuming the one by the dream sequence is going to be a revolver. But what will the two masks be above the exposed i know its a buzznet or some h9 mask but whats the other one?

Thanks Jo. I love the escape mask :slight_smile: :rock:

Ummm I believe if you read the first sentence i typed then it clearly says revolver,buzznet and CLEAN or Nichols Hardware store mask :wink: