Myers in the snow

Hello everyone, since it’s gonna be snowing on Halloween, does anyone have any advice on how to care for myself and my mask while out scaring peeps? Mainly keeping my mask and it’s hair dry and keeping myself as warm as possible underneath the coveralls and what types of gloves I should use. It’s gonna be around 20 degrees… :open_mouth:

Unreal. Cold, wet & overall nasty here in IL too :-1: :jack_o_lantern:+:snowflake:=:poop:

Where a Santa hat!

Not supposed to be as cold in my neck of the woods, but it’s going to be steady heavy rain all day and night, with an inch or two of rain predicted. Of course this whole week since Sunday has been beautiful, so naturally Halloween is going to be miserable :angry: :imp:

Trick or treaters around here barely ever bother coming around when it’s this heavy of rain predicted, so…yeah. Bummer.

As for your mask, just care for it as per the usual instructions, and if the hair is wet, just towel dry it, then hang the mask upside down if possible and let the hair drip dry. That way it’s not running down the latex all night.

Suppose to be cold, rainy, and even snowy here too! We wait all year for this day just for the weather to ruin it :frowning: Hopefully It’s not as bad as it’s predicted to be for everyone.

It’s rained the last 2 years right up to 6pm then stopped. It’s gonna be 40’s Halloween night. Been low to upper 80’s all OCt

black thermals and a thick black sweater that will still look like a shirt, as far as the mask, wear a black pantyhose legging cut to size, and a ski mask under the mask, breathing under that will keep your head warm, it does for me, but humidity is still gonna happen