Myers in the upside down

So I’m fresh off watching volume 2 of stranger things season 4, which is fantastic btw and it gave me an idea. What if Michael Myers is human but also directly linked to another dimension… another plane… which is how he transcends, never dies, and appears and disappears. This would also tie directly into the window reflection AND the radio tower.

This is just a bad trend idea honestly, I gave up on Stranger Things after Season 1 as well, that was enough

(Twightlight zone theme playing) kinda Science fiction. I dig it. Now if we can someway tie Halo into this. Oh shit now I went cross eyed! :rofl:

Hahaha!!! Cortana bout to say, Aw hellll no!!! Lol

:rofl::rofl: damn I thought we might get a Michael vs Master Chief showdown.

YES!!! Energy sword vs chef knife! Lol

Might be a little unfair :rofl: