NAG 75K (Castle Edition) JC

Looks like I have found my holy grail ladies and gentlemen. James did an awesome job on this really cool blank from Nikolas.

Looks awesome man! :myers:

Trying to save up to buy a castle edition myself. Awesome score thanks for sharing!

Very nice mask, JC did a great job on it!

That is a grail!

Thanks guys! I think my hunt for the perfect H1 is done. :myers:

Looks fantastic! Amazing work from James as always. I liked the lighting in the vid too… Congrats! …ANDY

Stunning mask bro :open_mouth: congrats!

Looks AMAZING man.

Very nice! Would love to see some pics as well.

Good Lord that’s badass. I’m really loving the hair on him. Really looks great to me

killer mask
one of the best ive seen

This is one mask that I wanted to see JC do an H1 of. By far, one of the most impressive Myers masks that I have ever seen.

Thanks guys! Btw where is everyone posting photos now that Photobucket switched it’s third party rules?

Aren’t you selling this in the classifieds now? lol

No, he has another 75k done up by James, that one he’s selling not the castle one he just got.

Ah thanks for the clarification because I thought something was wrong with it. lol

No prob, yea he’d be crazy to sell that castle he just got, looks amazing

I agree, although the one he’s selling isn’t bad either.

Very true.