NAG Flashback mask

Just got notified my mask is ready to be posted looking foward to recieving this one.

Anyone else got one of these on order.

Which is best NAG mask in your opinion?


Such a cool mask, going to be ordering one from Nik soon

Wait you got notified that it shipped or he began working on it?

Yeah notified its ready to be shipped

Looks great, gonna place an order sometime in the future, theyre like 450 right?

Looks really good. Definitely the best replication of the flashback mask. However, there’s something about the expression that isn’t spot on maybe it just looks a little angry. Also is it just me or is it really weathered? I feel like it’s a lot cleaner on screen. Regardless nice score man, Nik did a great job and you’re definitely gonna own a great piece.

Great score :clap:

Ok so how long did he tell u the wait time was if it’s being shipped out for you because he told me it would take 6 months.

I think maybe the forehead V is giving the angry look?

6 months also but could be earlier, it is the first batch he has completed

Yeah thats right 450

It’s the bad lighting, as well as the shadow effects in the finish

Yea this version of the pictures definitely makes it look a little bit more like the h4 poster mask

I feel like it doesn’t really need those shadow effects in the finish. In the film it’s pretty much just white. I mean I still think it looks really good, but the paint job is a bit off.

Anyone got the spookhouse flashback mask?

Thinking about ordering one soon