NAG/JC H78 conversion idea.

Ok guys I have an idea for the perfect H2 conversion. It will take some time though. 1st step- Purchase a NAG/JC H78. 2nd step- Let my friend wear it pretty frequent for a few months, By the way he has a pretty long face. 3rd step- Put it under my bed for 3 years and smoke close to a pack a day in the room and around the house for the 3 years. 4th step- After about three years goes by remove the mask from my under my bed and wear it pretty often for a few weeks, by the way my face is alot rounder and full. 5th step- Enjoy your perfect screen accurate H2! By the way this is ment to be humorous, but honestly who wouldn’t wanna see the results of the mask if someone really did this!

Lol give it a shot man!