NAG Nightmare Costume Pics(New additions)

Hey all… Here are a few for now. Not quite in my fave location for pics but these will do for now :rock:


Looks great!

Looking good Jay man!!!

Big Thanks Guys! Glad you like them :rock:

Nice mask and pics. Are they charcoal coveralls in the first pic?

Awesome Jay!! Those are some really great shots man!:jack_o_lantern:

Looks great!! The darker hair makes a huge difference!!

The Nightmare comes alive when worn.

This is an interesting looking mask. Different from the Castles, Protos, and the 2K. Seen a few, this one is nice though man. Congrats on the score.

Yeah those are my charcoal Big Macs Chad. Thanks man!

Thanks all! :drinkers:

That looks great Jay, one heck of a score right there :rock: :drinkers:

Thanks Mike! More pics coming soon :pumpkin: :smiley:


That mask is right up there with some of the best out there. I don’t know who the artist was but they definitely knew what they were doing Jay. Is that an older Nightmare or a newer one? Or do we know the year it was made?

Incredible as always!

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That’s what I thought. Charcoal nails it. :rock:

Thanks Mike I agree buddy :myers: Actually found out who did it. It’s Anthony Flanagan (older members will remember him & his great work) He contacted me. It’s from 2018 :drinkers:

Thanks man! :rock: