NAG Tony (reboot by MYERS04)

I just got my NAG Tony in the mail today. I sent it to myers04 (tommy) to get it re-haired and re-painted. It looks amazing now! You do such great work tommy! I appreciate it! Now for pics!!!

Nice man that looks fantastic! :rock:


Looks great!
Tommy’s work is top notch - he’s very much an asset to this community!

Thanks guys. I’m hoping to get some costume shots in the next couple of days. In my opinion, this redo made the mask so much more hero looking. I’m a bit overwhelmed though. This is the first replica I have owned although I’ve been a die hard Halloween fan since I was 9 years old. Getting it repainted and haired really sealed the deal for me. Im hoping to expand my collection a bit over time.

A lovely mask, really wanna see those costume shots!

Looks great :drinkers:

Love it!

Tommy’s hairing is sick. That hairline is so nicely laid.

Thats a bad ass TONY,maybee even more bad ass than mine…

Can’ go wrong with Tommy’s work :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Awesome rehaul!
Hope to order a mask from him soon :mrgreen:

glad you all like it.this is a new hair i have been using. its realy nice stuff. its soft and it matts up perfect. tommy

Nice score and welcome to the addiction that is Myers. You made a good choice, Tommy’s finish work is top notch.