Need help identifying my mask

So heres the deal, Chris at WMP owed me a mask and he said he was sending me a 6. I eventually got the mask and it is phenomenal, but Im just a little perplexed by it though. He didnt signed it and put the name of the mask like he normally does. On the mask its self there is a stamp of the THORN RUNE by the neck slit in the back. And just above that under the hair is a stamp but its not the usual WMP logo thats on his masks. Its an oval with the letters AMW inside.

Can someone please help me identify if I have a Raining Red or a Wicked Red? And does anyone know what the"AMW" stamp means? Thanks guys!

Heres a photo of the AMW stamp. Now bear with me the photo is not the best, actually barely visible. But it in person the AMW is not to easy to spot either, its like it was carved with a pen. And its pretty high up under the hair. Just teying to figure out what it means.


Hey throw up some pics of the stamp bud. And hopefully Frankie will identify it.

Added the stamp photo to the original post

While I do not know what that particular acronym means, your mask seems to be a “Raining Red.”

Looks like a Wicked Red to me, the mouth area is different from the Raining Red. AMW is probably the sculptor/re-tooler of the Wicked Red, couldn’t find the mark on my Raining Red v.3, but my hairline might be lower.

Thanks guys. Yeah this AMW is a mystery to me

Addison Morrare Wicked??? Just a Suggestion? Did AM ever do a Wicked Red?

Looks like a Wickid Red. Amy Wieck is the name of the artist responsible for the retooling. The “AMW” inscription most likely depicts her initials.

Good lord, Frankie for the win!! Thanks for chiming in dude.

You are the King my friend! Thanks for the input everyone, i really appreciate it.

I don’t know about all that, but I’m happy to have helped! All bullsh*t aside, the Wickid Red is a beautiful H6 and you have what looks to be a superb copy. Enjoy it, bro! :drinkers:

Yeah, I love this copy. Paint job is really great in person. Happy to have it in my collection.