Needle Neck Scene in a Dp85 yep a Dp85!!

Just messing about in my Dp85 i just got round to Rehairing,thought i’d slap it on for a Needle Neck Scene.turned out not to shabby i don’t think.Enjoy guy’s :drinkers:

Nice pics, and you did a great job on rehairing the mask! It looks a lot more accurate now

Dp 85 the best myers mask that Dp made. Great to still see a good one a round.

Pretty nice pics Anthony. The eyes are a little big, (as with all DP masks), but honestly, that’s one of the best looking DP85’s I’ve ever seen personally. The hair looks really good on this one. That copies a keeper brother. Thanks for posting. …ANDY

Great shots buddy! I would say get rid of the eyebrows for a more authentic H1 looks. Apart from that, those pics are killer!!

Came out great Anthony! Needle scene without the needle… Hahaha.

Thanks, Coy, Janrus1326,

Thanks Andy,yeah its a real Shame about the eyecuts on these masks,if they were made Kirk Sized i could really work some magic on em,Cheers bro :drinkers:

Thanks daeKnight25,I could remove the eyebrows but i just want to keep some originality in the mask,Thanks for the kind words though bud :drinkers:

:laughing: :laughing: Si ya Kill me man ya Really do,Thanks Mate glad you enjoyed the Show lol,Once again thanks guy’s for the Compliments very much appreciated :slight_smile: :drinkers:

I kinda think the DP 85 would look similar to a Creep when worn if it had smaller eye cuts and the right finishing. Nice pics, cool to see a good copy.

how is that mask still alive? was it a different material than DP’s put out later? Because mine (not sure what year, but pre 98) melted for no damn reason, just for being old.

Awesome Anthony!!! I never thought that mask could look like that. :rock:

Well for you to Compare it to such a Mask as the Creep just goes to show how good these Dp85’s were and still are in my case haha,thanks Randy :drinkers:

Not sure how its still like this actually,picked it up off a guy about 2 years back,he bought it from new for his son,but his son was now grown up and wasn’t into masks,and they had it stored in a closet for most of its life,my guess is its preserved the mask because of no exposure to dirt dust and Light,thats all i can think.but im really proud to own it thats for sure,especially since ive give him the new hair

Thanks Brother Hugo,its amazing isnt it for a licensed mask how it looks worn,Cheers bro :drinkers:

Nice Pics of a Great Vintage Mask that seems to be holding up Very Well! :drinkers: Bob

It looks to be in great shape. Cool pics too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: -tom.

Thanks Bob,Thanks Tom,really kind words there Guy’s, very appreciated Cheers :drinkers: :drinkers:

Nice to see one of these,
Hope your taking REAL GOOD care of it!!!
Thanks for showing dude.