New 2019 Warlock...What can I say, believe the hype.

Just got my brand new 2019 Warlock from Cemetery Gate Productions. Never heard a bad thing about this mask and virtually every picture I saw online looked great. After getting mine today all I can say is that nobody has been bullshitting you about this beast.
The H1 will always be my favorite version of the Myers mask and I still continue to collect more of them, but if you want an amazing Myers replica mask, or if you’re a huge fan of the sequel, this is a must for your collection. Ridiculously thick latex with incredible detail, this mask is second to none. I have read some posts that have touted some other indie H2s as better or just as good but anyone who owns this will tell you, this mask takes a backseat to no one. Ordered back in January, but just got it yesterday. Totally worth the wait and while not cheap, you won’t need to buy another version of it because this is the top of the H2 food chain.

Not bad, not bad at all!

Looks great! Can never go wrong with the CGP Warlock, it truly is one of, if not the best H2’s out there.

Agree with you wholeheartedly. I really geeked out when I opened the box and I’m much more of an H1 guy myself.

If there are any other indie makers out there that truly make a better version, they must be amazing looking because this one definitely deserves the praise it gets. I cannot recommend this mask enough.

Definitely picking one of these up. Looks awesome man

Love my Warlock! Never getting rid of mine. Congrats! Yours looks amazing.

Thanks for all the kind words guys. I just wanted to point out another virtue of this piece. I bought this as a display item but my 17 year old son asked if he could try it on. At 6’2" and 175 pounds the mask held it’s Dick Warlock appearance despite my son being longer and leaner than the man himself.

Again, I really got this for my collection, but if you’re looking to grab a scalpel and go Halloween II for a party or trick or treating, you’ll look as screen accurate as possible with this one.

Looks incredible! Congrats on the purchase. To me, this is the best looking H2 out there.

No joke this mask is fierce! I received my copy last November and it is worth every penny. Oh man it is so sick and grimey looking…it’s like it’s the real thing.

It really is a stand out among myers masks… Love mine

That looks like a fantastic copy. The hair looks improved.

Yeah, this mask looks abused in the best way possible. The filthy appearance is so perfectly crafted that It genuinely looks like it’s been lying around the set of Halloween II in between takes.

I know the majority of the members on here already know how amazing this thing is, especially you guys who own it, but I just felt compelled to reiterate it for anyone on the fence about getting it. I know I have relied heavily on user reviews and posts when it came down to my own purchases and I just wanted to give an honest and descriptive view for potential buyers.

UncleHalloween, I can’t confirm if the hair was improved but I literally spent two minutes styling it( a hair flick here, a hair flick there) and it looks spot on to me. I was always amazed/confused how different the hair looks in this film than from the original. We know Castle and Warlock’s faces played a part in how the mask wears, but the hair seemed to be cropped and matted down in H2.

I ordered my Warlock last year from CGP and I absolutely LOVE IT! The moment I took it out of the box I was in complete awe of it. The quality of the mask is absolutely top notch! As a matter of fact, I loved mine so much that I ordered the “blood tears” version back in March. Can’t wait to receive that one as well!!

See now you just pretty much confirmed what I’m going to do. :laughing: I like this mask so much but there is no good reason to buy another one, unless of course it comes with “blood tears” which we all know this beauty does. I’ve been trying to fight the urge, but I’m afraid CGP’s Paypal account is going to receive another payment from me soon.haha

This is what this hobby does to you! :wink:

exactly!! I was fighting the urge as well because I was so happy and content with the one I already had. Then I happen to watch H2 again shortly after receiving my Warlock, and I couldn’t resist ordering the blood tears version! :myers:

That looks amazing. It literally looks looks like the one used in the movie.

I know right? An H2 mask has to look fat, dirty and pissed off. This version definitely checks all those boxes. I mean, even the neck puncture wound looks perfect.

Truthfully, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a bad Warlock online, and certainly not in person. It’s a hair pricey(not terrible in this hobby), and the wait is a little long, but this is one of those masks that will not let you down.

People always talk about what the Holy Grail of H2 is. But no mask looks as accurate without stuffing or having to actually do anything than the Warlock. Best H2 out there by far, IMO. As is, nothing comes close.

True. I guess I can understand that some people might feel compelled to add their own blood tears(I would recommend just letting Terry do it).That being said, this is not a mask you get for the purpose of sending it out for a re-haul.

Whether you’re a big fan of Halloween II, or just a fan of the series, I can’t see anyone who would view this mask as just OK. To me, it’s without peer.

Yea i love to get a warlock i haven’t seen many good H2 masks like this one