New 2k kirk costume shots and a VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!

I had a bunch of drinks tonight and got Lisa behind the camera!

And… a VIDEO!!! Be ready to flip your laptop or screen OR even your head sideways! lol

VERY nice :drinkers:
I wish I could get one of those

Awesome shots Jon!! Thanks for sharing these

Wow what a great video and a great mask brother!

Just when I think I can pick my jaw up from the ground from the last time I saw this mask,you post some new shots and my jaw instantly drops!!!You wear the heck out of that mask and the video is awesome.Gives off a completely sick H2 vibe on you.W :open_mouth: W man…seriously!!! :rock:

Nice pics Jon. Look old & vintage.

DAMMMMM! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

100% H2!!!

FANTASTIC! shots and video man, and i agree that it does screem h2 all the way! :rock: :drinkers:

Outstanding, Jon! I’m in love with these 2K Kirks. I must own one someday if at all possible. Congrats on that beauty!!

awsome mask and vid, u gonna conver it… Dean

If you do decide to convert that mask it is obvious in your pics which movie to base the conversion on. Might just rival those KH #2 pics you masterfully created.

That’s a thing of pure beauty Jon! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

That vid screams H2 all the way :open_mouth:

That’s INSANE ! You should think about a convert, that would be the BEST H2 myers ever made !

Jon…KICK ASS VIDEO!!! :rock:

I,personally would not convert it.We ALL know how great that mask would look as a Myers,but sometimes knowing is enough.Once it’s converted,it can’t come back.Just my opinion,since I really dig on top-notch Kirk’s like this one.


:open_mouth: That looks super H2 right there!

Lookin’ great! Best Kirk I’ve seen :open_mouth:

Of course i’d love to convert it…who wouldn’t :slight_smile:
But yeah bro he’s staying a kirk…i am not a trek fan at all, so some would say why do you want a kirk?
It’s simple…the kirk is the grandfather of this forum!