New collection scores *SHAT on page 3*

I was lucky to receive three new masks today in the post, I have taken a couple of shots of two of them and will post more pics up later.

All I can say is WOW, Justin did a fantastic job of the CREEP and the SHAT, and can’t wait to take a load more pics. The SHAT photographs amazingly and will wait for tonight to get some creepy shots of the CREEP :smiley:

That said congrats to all the other people involved in receiving these awesome pieces from Justin :prayer: :prayer:

More pics of that Creep man, come on!

Wow, look at the detail on these bad boys!

TOP SCORES! :open_mouth: :drinkers: I can’t wait for my Creep. Give us some more teasers of the Creep! That Shat is the nuts too!.. just couldn’t afford to buy both at the same time. :frowning:

Love your outdoor shots Scott :rock:
Big congrats man!!
Can’t wait to see more from you :slight_smile:
The NO kirk is…SEXY :mrgreen:

Congrats on those two beauties Scott!. Great shots. :rock:

Unreal man. I love this mask!

Cheers guys!!! :smiley:

Couple more CREEP shots…

i think the shat is best replica of a kirk .look at all those details…tommy

God freakin damnmit those are two intensly incredible scores. Congratulations. Patiently waiting on mine.


WOW! Big congrats on these bad mama-jamas Scott! :smiley:
The finnishing on that kirk is stunning :drinkers:

Wow man the detail in these shots keeps pulling me back in. :laughing:
Amazing bra’. :rock:

Those two pieces are amazing man, It really doesn’t get any better than those two right there.

looking good scott, fantastic photos.

The shat looks great man. Can you post some more natural pics of it like that?

Cheers all…appreciate the kind words!!!

The SHAT photos better in daylight, and the CREEP with low light.

Here you go Scott…

Seriously WOW on both of those…big congrats!

Cheers Nick :smiley:


I’m interested in picking up a Shat or Creep, would I just PM Justin or was this a limited run? If someone could pm with info that would be great :slight_smile: