New H20 pictures

Took some quick pictures of my newest H20. I added more light into the room to show the actual color of the mask.
This mask was painted to look like the screen used hero… Gary nailed the H20 hero look! Looks like he started with a flesh tone ,weathered it, then sprayed a translucent white to make it appear lighter… its simply sick. I get to keep it now, because I sold off one of my cars… DAMN IRS! Im glad I’m able to keep it, H20 is one of my favorite looks. Its soo detailed!

My best H20 mask I’ve ever owned… it Screams hero.

Costume shots coming soon!

Well when your done you can send it to me :stuck_out_tongue:
My favorite copy :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Great shots!!

What mask is that? a SSN Durnad? :open_mouth: It looks great!

Awesome, Awesome ,Awesome!!!Love that mask bro!!!