New HII Mask stand!

I made this in SoldWorks and it is now being printed! Not to shabby eh?

oooh!!! sweeeeet!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: nice work man!!

Awesome - can’t wait to see it printed out, I’m dying to see how this works :smiley:

Not bad at all, this will be cool to see how it turns out.

Sweet! Is that the same 3D printer that prints the tools with moving parts?
Looks awesome!
Nick :axe:

Pretty cool, man! Personally, I would have went with a slightly smaller font for “allowee” and kept the H and N a bit larger. Like the original. As of now, it looks a bit more like the remake font.

Let us know how it turns out!!!

That’s awesome!!

I will post pics tuesday! It’s being printed as we speak!
I revised it and added something to the other side.
That will be in the next build.
Puck I hear ya man! SolidWorks is new to me and I am only 8 days experienced with it!
I need more skills before I can do that with the Letters.

I bet you’ll get PLENTY of practice with it, bro. If I had access to one, you couldn’t get me off that thing. I’m excited to see all the projects you tackle with it.

Anybody have any other ideas? I’m all ears! Remember I am so new with this so smaller things like this will work best.

Looks awesome Jon, Maybe do up some type of H3 set or Maybe a Kirk one. Just a thought.

Jon… do one with the F13 font. I think you could have some interest with those as well :wink:

Neat-o! Lookin’ forward to see how this turns out.

Nice work,VERY cool! :sunglasses:

I’ll take a few :wink:

Nice Jon :rock: :rock:

That is very good looking bro :drinkers:

I’d definitely be interested in picking one of those up.