New pics of my Psycho

hey guys. after i saw Ant’s pics of his 05 Psycho i knew the hair looked familiar. So i asked Justin and it turned out mine has the same stuff. its special/unique hair that justin conjured up from multiple types of hairs. very cool stuff. anyway i tried to style it. to say i don’t usually add style to hair i think it came out very good. I love my Psycho. Although the 99 shats are my fave masks i think my Psycho is the most ACCURATE i own for sure. here are pics:

thanks :smiley:

Looking great mate. A worthy mask to sit beside the 99! :rock:

Thats a beauty :rock:


Great mask! I love the b/w pic! :sunglasses: :rock:

Nice copy, Marcus! I love how thin it is. :smiley:

Sweet mask!

Love it! Justin = Awesome every time :smiley:
Thanks for sharing!

Nice Psycho Marcus. I like the hair on these, swell job styling it. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

CONGRATS!!! :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: Bob

A Psycho is one of the all time greats, every collector should have one!

'Ats a beauty of a copy :drinkers:

3rd from the last shot…Castle all the way :rock:

Thanks very much everyone! really appreciate the kind words :smiley:

Nice looking Psycho bra’. :rock:

Nice psycho man!!!

thanks a lot Ryan and MJ_23 means a lot from a guy who owns an MMK and Image and a guy who owns 2 DW’s and a 2K :mrgreen: