NeW pIcS oF tHe KiNg In My CoLlEcTiOn!

Hey Everyone

Thought you guy’s would love to see these new images i took of the greatest mask i have in my collection
so i decided to throw these up for you all to see :sunglasses: I took these in very low daylight but i still used the old
light in my room aswell, i really love how these came out as it shows how new this thing is and it’s crazy to think
it’s older than me :laughing: Being as i took these new pics and i had removed the case top i decided to check this
beauty all over, as you can hopefully see in my pics the condition of this thing is just insanely new and i see
no reason why this cannot last another 35 yrs! Iv’e now had this mask for well over 2 yrs and i still spend
hours each week just sitting on the couch staring at it in it’s display case, if i’m honest i spend hours looking
at all my stuff but the 75 gets the most attention :sunglasses:

It’s not often i take pics of this one so i’m hoping you guy’s will really enjoy and appreciate these, i’m very glad and happy
that i can indeed share these with you all :sunglasses: :smiley: Thanks for looking and enjoy loads everyone :drinkers:

Doesn’t get any better than that, pack up the replicas and shift your eyes on the grand daddy of them all! Words cannot describe the 75’s beauty. Every subtle curve is gorgeous, and I can totally understand staring at him! If that was me I would put him right next to my TV and watch Halloween in the soft glow of night. Watching the light from the TV hit the 75 would make me die a happy content man. Darren you must sleep with a smile on your face every night knowing you have that bad boy in your house. Thanks so much for sharing him with us my friend, an honour for us all! :prayer:

:prayer: Thanks for sharing some new pics of the grail!

Thanks for taking the time to take pics Darren :sunglasses:
Ouuuu…Da hair…!!!


There’s really nothing to say here. Its simple. This is as good as owning the Hero. The exact same mask used in the film in great condition and unconverted. This is a very rare piece of history. I would estimate its value at around 10k or more. :wink:

You’re very lucky to say the least. :smiley:

GOOD F%#KING LORD!! you are a lucky man.


When the day comes I get tired of looking at pics of this beauty I need a bullet put in my head.
Darren, to wake up each morning and see the rare gem staring back at you is better than winning the Jack Pot Lottery.
Just incredible! :smiley: Thanks for sharing the best of the best matey.

SWEET! :mrgreen:


Awesome pictures, that mask is in amazing condition. Thanks for sharing some photos with us!!!

Doesn’t get any better than that :drinkers:
Thanks for takin the time to take new pics of the holy of holys :rock:

THE HOLY GRAIL. PLEASE EVERYONE BOW DOWN AND PAY YOUR RESPECTS!! :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:

Amazing Darren! :open_mouth:

Closeups of that beauty remind me how we STILL have a little ways to go in creating the perfect Kirk replica (which, of course, is a fool’s dream). To date I have NOT seen any Kirk replica accurately capture that unique expression of bewilderment & a frown that the 75 Kirk exhibits. That (in my opinion) is the missing key component that always comes up short.

Thanks for sharing this AMAZING piece in your collection, one of the best collections I’ve ever seen and most likely ever will see!

I want to smell that thing so bad…

I got sniffing dibs after Matt! :laughing:

Man,there it is.That is what we are all chasing and can never have.I agree 100% with Benny as far as the expression on the original 75 Kirk.That is the one place all replicas are falling short.That and I believe the overall shape of the replicas never quite hit the mark,no matter how you stuff them.

That mask is something to cherish and I too would NEVER get enough of staring at it.When we refer to one of our replicas as a “holy grail” it will always pale in comparison on a huge level against what you have there.

THANK YOU so much for an opportunity to look at this beauty of a mask.By you taking the time to post those pics,you give us all something truly special to lay our eyes on.
:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Too cool man! :smiley:

very much enjoyed! thanks for sharing. you should post this much more often

wow unreal mask. :rock:

That is simply amazing, :drinkers:

Thanx for sharing. :rock:

Soo freaking cool! :rock: :rock: