NEW SCORE Buried Dream Sequence

Buried Dream Sequence

what a great piece. i really need to start completing my buried line up. Scott just keeps getting bettter and better at these. congratulations on the wicked buried score.


Looks great,Nice Blood aswell

I didn’t do this one.

Yea Scott, That’s why I didnt put QOTS Buried in the title :slight_smile: :drinkers:

Sick score bud :drinkers:

If you dont mind me asking, how’d you get it if you didnt get it from Scott?

who made it

Thanks for clearing that up for people. I had some people ask me if I did it and why I didn’t cut anything out and I told them I didn’t do it. :drinkers:


Right on. I know the back ground in the pics well. Should be killer when done.

If its not by scott then by who?

All seems a bit Hush Hush to me :yawinkle:

Looks to be one from 1971 from me. Reason I say that is because the hair and scars not being cut out.

Nice score to be. Can’t wait to see him finished up.

Just posted finished pics :drinkers: :rock:

i apologize guys, i should have looked closer before i typed that. :frowning:


Np bro, glad you liked it :slight_smile: :drinkers: :rock: