New score - Closet Monster

Badass mask, props to Tommy he totally nailed it…Since I got 2 I repainted one.

My repaint on the second:

I love this sculpt, I wanted a darker looking one, I’m happy with how it turned out. Tommys’ the Man. - Bobby

sweet, cant wait to get mine from him ordered a ruthless edition

I love the Closet Monster mainly for its Creepy vibe,Tommy did great work on this one,Congrats Bobby :rock: :drinkers:

Looking good Bobby :rock: Those are both awesome…nice job on the repaint
Nick :drinkers:

I can’t say enough about Tommy, the guys’ a total pimp. Mad skills, very personable, does excellent work in a very timely manner and is always improving. He’s helped me out a lot as I’m in the infancy of my mask-making career, any time I have a question Tommy is more then willing to help me out…A lot of other guys aren’t like that. - Bobby

Tommy’s finishing gets better and better :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Cool pic, very ghostly!
Big congrats :drinkers:

Nice CM sir.

I see two great copies of a great mask. There is something I really like about the Closet Monster. I Totally agree, Tommys work is always improving. Very nice scores indeed. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY