**New Score**More Pic's Added!

Just got this in today and all I can say is wow!Chris did an amazing job on this Nightstalker.
Thank’s Chris!

nice score dude, chris’ work is top notch! :smiley:

Thats nice right there!!

Congratz dude!

Thank’s Guy’s :slight_smile:

is this made to look like the cover? cos it has the eye brows, looks awesome and i love the dark weathering on this copy! :smiley:

It is and man I love it the hair is awesome too!

Wicked cool mask man! More pics, please!

Nice score Dale,Chris did a great job on that copy.


Thank’s Matt and Pooch im going to take some costume pics later on tonight.And Pooch your right his work is outstanding it looks even better in person! :smiley:

Congrats on the score, Cade! :drinkers:

Great score my friend! I’m sure you are very happy and congrats. Just in time for the big day as well. Love the look

Congrats on the new score Cade. :drinkers:

lets hope don post can have the new mask look this good lol

Very nice mask man, looks like it fits you well too. Congrats :drinkers: :rock:


alright congrats on your score bro! looks like you got that myers mask for the big day after all :rock:

nice score. congrats! :rock:

Thank’s everyone this is a great collection piece!

Nice bro. Congrats on the new score. Just in time for the big night.

Cool I’m glad you finally got a mask…Dean

Great score! Chris did a great job. Congrats.