New Score! NAG H9 Clean (Re Hair and Paint By Q.O.T.S)

Hey everyone, I wanted to share this amazing mask with everyone. I bought this mask from Mike (evilsmellyclown) Thank you Mike for this amazing mask! And the amazing price you gave it to me for.This is my first time uploading pictures to :slight_smile: I had to make a photo bucket account just show I could show you guys how awesome this mask is.

I had a few questions on how to open up the back of the mask properly. The mask doesn’t slide over my head so I need to cut a slit in the back. I see where the slit was pre marked for a cut, but it would go right through the NAG logo, for value purposes, I don’t wanna destroy this logo. Can anyone recommend how I should cut this mask?

This is my third mask. My first mask “The Obsession” has a cut running up well into the hair and has a circle on the end to prevent from ripping the mask further. My other mask "HSS H9 has a straight cut that stops right at the hair line with no circle on the end. I know this isn’t a big deal, I just wanna make sure I do it right so I’m posting it on here before I cut it. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated.

Last thing is the ears. Not a big deal, there is a few slight air bubbles from when the mask was pulled from the mold. You guys think I could just get some white craft paint and paint over them? Or should I get some latex? Thanks everyone!

Thanks again Mike for this amazing mask!

Glad he got to you safe and sound and if I were you I would fill those small holes with latex. I could send you some threw the mail with a syringe if you would like.


nice mask indeed, congrats…and about the holes almost every mask sometimes have these little problems so i would not worry if i were you…

That would be cool Mike, I can get some white craft paint and mix it into the latex. And thank you Samhain6!

awsome mask and mike is a great dude he always have the best prices i pick up two mask for a insane price…and they are great my favorite twoo thanks for sharing…

Very Cool Mask!! :sunglasses:

I really like these NAG H9 Cleans :drinkers:

Thanks guys!