New Score! NAG MMK Deluxe Special Edition. Pics and Worns!

Hey guys! Here is my newest score, a NAG MMK Deluxe, Special edition (#38) converted by Benny to an h2 (#2). I love the weathering and detail on this one. Let me know what you all think!

Lookin good man! :rock: :drinkers:

Great score buddy,i like the finishing on this one :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Good grief!! Benny nailed it!

Awesome pics man, looks insane

I can’t ever remember seeing a brow that pronounced on an MMK, very cool look.

Great shots and Benny did a great job on the mask too!

Awesome. Really nice paint job on that one.

Looks awesome! Like a cross between H1 and H2!

Really nice mask! Benny did a terrific job on this one.

Benny my man! Hell yeah! :smiling_imp:
Those worn shots look great dude! It sets that mask off :rock:
Super congrats :drinkers:

The first shot in particular is awesome! Benny did one hell of a job! Congrats man!! :slight_smile:


Wicked mask! Very impressive, congrats!

that’s F*ckin sweet

Thanks for all the kind words guys! I’m glad this one is getting some love. It does sort of remind me of h1 in some shots, and h2 in others! :laughing: