Hey guys , I just got this in the mail today. Thank you Fearthebat , it was very nice doing business with you.

Meeting for the first time…

Congrats on your new score. Great mask. Mike :smiley:

Congratz hahaa gotta get more pics theheh

Thanks brotha!

Yeah I will and I’ll get some costume shots to as soon as my x02’s arive, and I weather em’. This pull is ssooo much thicker than my H1 Buried Buzznet its crazy .

thats probably cause it a conversion from a buzznet to a dream sequence your one lucky guy to be owning that mask right there

Are QOTS ,Scott’s, mask’s usually thick? I personally like thinner pulls. And yeah its 1 of 1, Burried Buzznet converted to DS, it’s so sick. The pics don’t do this mask justice, and the hair on it is AMAZING , I now want scott to hair my H1 burried buzznet without a doubt.

i dont know if there usually thick cause i dont own one yet but i know when scott made this mask he had to build up the latex to make the scars into the H2 style since they werent put into the buzznet so thats pretty much all i know and you should post some more pics man of this mask ive always liked that mask i was gona buy it a while back but i couldnt cause i didnt have the money but im hopn to have enough money to buy a buried from scott soon and do the same thing as fearthebat did except make the cheek cut blown out more than that copy but that copy is still amazing and your really lucky to own that so enjoy it man :smiley: hope this helps any

I remember this mask well. We did one and it was a normal buzznet thickness which are pretty thin and when we cut the cheek the scar flapped over and we had to trash the pull and poured another one. We added a little extra latex to the areas that needed the conversion work so the mask would hold its shape better. Also latex was built up to match the revolver/dream pulls then adhered to the mask with more latex so it just didn’t look like we cut out the mask where it needed to altered.

This is the only one like this we have done so far and its pretty cool in person.


extremely cool. i am loving this Buried DS. congratulations! i need to finish getting my RZ collection. in time…in time.


Congrats! That looks awesome man :rock:

Yeah you did a mind blowing job on this mask Scott, you are a true artist. Like I said above, I’m definitely gona send by early run H1 Buzznet ( from 1971 ) to get re-hared , I want the hair just like it is on this DS.

Thanks man!

Thanks for the compliment bro!

hey bro" well what an awesome score u ended up with man :astonished: the hair is just amazing and so much detail going on there A BIG CONGRATSon that one jimi :smiley: :drinkers: :drinkers: :rock:

Congrats on pickin’ up that sweet score.

Glad it got to you safe.

It looks awesome on you and the display head. Definately the best mask I have ever owned. And the hair on these are sick. Enjoy it man and I can’t wait to see costume pics. :smiley:

Yeah this had to be hard to let go of :confused: But it was great doing business with you and I appreciate the FREE shipping lol. This mask fits me perfectly , and definitely one of the best DS I’ve ever seen, the hair is mind blowing also. Thanks again Phil ! :mrgreen:

Thanks everyone for the great feedback! I will be getting more pics up soon.

That is beast :smiley: , congrats bro