New score! Resurrected

Just got this guy in the mail! This is the H30 Resurrected. Long story short this mask was the first non mass produced mask I ever purchased over a decade ago. I remember falling in love with the mask as soon as I saw it. Sadly, I traded the mask for a clean RZ and regretted it ever since. Well thanks to Florian From I was able to get my hands on this guy!

I loved the H30 masks back in the day and the sculpts hold up well to this day. Great mask. We need a LOT more of this kind of post around here

I’m surprised how good of condition the mask is in. It still seems like the same mask I got a decade ago!

Killer mask in great condition! Nice score bro its looks right off the screen, I always loved the Resurrection sculpt

Thanks! I loved the mask. It has such a mean look to it. I always thought the quality on his masks were top notch and seeing this mask after all these years proves how well made it was!

Very nice! Halloween Resurrection came out when I as 10 years old. I know the film is hated by many, but I’ve always thought the mask was super cool! Who made the mask, by the way?

Gary Mongar of H30 productions