New Score!! WMP Nightstalker

What’s up guys, got this beauty a few weeks back and finally had some time to take a few quick shots. I kinda have a crappy camera so these shots are the best I can do. I love the nightstalker, gotta admit at first when i saw pics of the nighstalker i wasn’t sold on it, but it kept growing and growing on me and now I love it. I own a creep and i would say the ns isn’t far behind when it comes to accuracy. And of course it has a different look to it than the creep, and you can’t beat the price on NS also. On with the pics.

thanks for looking guys.

Welcome to the club ! Great copy you have there clean n sheen as Chris would say !

Really interesting how these masks can look like either a H1 or H2 just by slightly changing the camera angle.

Can’t go wrong with a Nightstalker,nice copy dude!!!

Nice score. Chris is the man. :rock:

Great mask man:)

Awesome Nightstalker brother. I totally agree, it’s probably the best value as far as H-1 masks IMO. Thanks for sharing. …ANDY

excellent copy man!

That is a SICK copy man! CONGRATS!

Welcome to the club bro. Awesome copy! :rock:

Congrats man…I love the ghostly white look of that one.You have a keeper for sure

Congrats on a mighty fine copy :rock:

Tis a fine looking copy dude!

Now that looks awesome :rock: :rock:


edit: Congrats :smiley:

That’s a nice copy you have! Congrats!

That is a great mask you have there! It has a great feel to it.

Thanks alot everyone!! Chris does outstanding work and is a cool guy as well.