new upgraded RZ sociopath sculpt

jusz got this wip pic that looks very promsing !!!watch out …LOL

Looks nice man!

Do you sell the sociopath mask?

Yeah, I’ve been “in the know” about this for a while now.

this isnt an updated sociopath, i started back from square 1, and it will have a different name.

That sculpt has got tons of potential…looks wicked…

Very Very nice :open_mouth:

To me it looks like a sociopath with a smaller forehead scar.

for comparison
heres the Sociopath

Heres the new sculpt

the entire shape has changed. The overall shape is longer and more slender, the forehead and neck have been lengthened, the nose has changed, the scars have more detail, scars have been added. I had yet to work on the forehead scars and neck in that picture. I have done alot of tweaking since this shot was taken…eyecuts, nose, scars, neck, forehead etc. This pic is not the final sculpt. Final sculpt pics are coming soon.

hurry up n pump out a couple. Show us the finished product as the scuplt looks cool.

I probably wont mold it until the first of the year. i still have alot to do to get ready for xmas, and alot going on at work. I dont want to rush this one, i want to get it just they way i want it before i mold it.

Looks great man.I always liked the Sociopath to begin with and that tweaked sculpt looks amazing.

I’ll be keeping an eye out,I’m very interested in seeing what a finished one looks like.

Great work.

oh yea keep it comin you know your gonna hear from me.

im interested in seeing it too, i have a hospital sociopath arriving anyday now so im excited to see how they turned out

In all honesty i like the old sculpt better so far. I’m not too fond of the mouth on this one.

looks great Russell cant wait to see it done

really interested in this one!