Nightmare UL - MDF Effects

Recent score, couldn’t be happier.

Fantastic piece man! Michael does awesome work

One of my favorites here!

Great mask and pics.

Congrats dude looks sweet :rock:

Yeah Michaels subtle but raw finishes are far out, it’s definitely one of my favorites as well. I appreciate it!

Nightmare UL grows on me more and more every time I see it. I might even like it more than the Castle 75k!

Beautiful mask! :rock: :pumpkin:

Looks amazing

Beautiful mask!!


There are some damn great artists these days in this hobby…and some say the hobby’s dying.

Beautiful man!

Absolutely insane mask. His finishing is on par with JC in my opinion. If you put a JC watermark in most of those photos I’d believe you that they are his.

I totally agree man, it’s insane especially with the little amount of time he’s actually been finishing Myers.

Thanks all!

Good lord, that’s one of the best I’ve seen. Michael is definitely the best at what he does. His subtle but present weathering is unmatched. The white paint he uses also gives it a ghostly look to it.

This was a good one! :drinkers:

Damn right buddy, glad to own it he ships out today! I plan to take some neat pictures of it once I get him and eventually get him in a nice costume. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Can’t wait to see those!