Hey guys…

Just got my new stand from JC ( James ) for my Nightstalker mask… I absolutely love it.
100_2020 (2).jpg
100_2020 (2).jpg

Congrats on ur new nightmare!

JC’s stands really compliment masks extremely nicely :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Looks great man!!
Big congrats :drinkers:

Awesome mask and stand! Who makes that Nightstalker? Is it Chris over at WMP??

AS WE SAY HERE ACROSS THE POND…THAT IS THE DOGS BOLLOCKS :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Yes… It is oringinally the #1 copy from Chris over at WMP…scored it here from Ryn. :smiley:

as I have stated before the Nighstalker or Nightwatcher as it used to be called in the MMP days is one of the most underrated masks out there. I can’t wait until the Holidays are over to get one.

That’s a nice Nightmare.

it was originally called the NIGHTMARE by mmp.but it changes names like my wife changes panties…nice copy btw, very nice detail in the light

Very nice brother! They look perfect together. :rock:

Awesome Stand :rock:

I used to call my MMP copy a “Nightstalker” by mistake all the time. Indeed a very nice mask & that stand is spectacular :drinkers:

Nice score! It’s wicked cool!

That looks killer. Congrats :drinkers:

Many thanks to all of you!! Yeah… I thought the lighting really brought out the H1 look the way I wanted it. To my knowlege…and I am iffy on this since I have just started collecting… this was originally called the NIGHTWATCHER?..or NIGHTMARE? …when it was made by MMP… when I got this one It is signed as a NIGHTSTALKER from WMP and the artist … So I assume that is what it is still called? Help me out here guys…would love to know the history of this mask… RYN told me it was formerly known as the NIGHTWATCHER( MMP)…but is now NIGHTSTALKER(WMP)… any more feedback would be interesting and most appreciated guys. Thanks again!!


awesome weathering on the stand gotta get one!!!
post more pics of it! :mrgreen:

Ok guys…as per requests here are a few more pics… used the flash to show what an awesome job JC did in the weathering… seriously…in person its even better!! Used the dimmer lighting to make stand and mask look nice and errie.
100_2033 (2).jpg
100_2038 (2).jpg
100_2037 (2).jpg
100_2037 (2).jpg

Doesn’t get any better than one of JC’s stands to go with your mask, looks awesome brother.