NM78 4 Stamper Proto...NEW pics page 4!

_One of my top Myers masks ever has finally came home, I’ve chased him a long time but it was well worth the wait!

I’ll reveal him tonight or tomorrow night, working on the pics!

HE CAME HOME!!! Pics coming…


I dont even have to ask lol I know this is gonna be good! Such an awesome feeling getting something new! Pre congrats!!

You scored that sweet Jack-o-lantern? Awesome! :wink:

Look forward to seeing the pics!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Let’s not forget the KNIFE! :axe: :axe: :axe:


is it this???

No way… gotta be:

Nope, not those two masks guys…you think my pockets are THAT deep? One can only dream of the likes of old man Myers and Kid n Play Myers.


Benny this is just wrong. Teasing us like this? :angry:

Hes happy to be home!

Lol. :rolleyes: :laughing:


Alright Benny! I will send him out tomorrow :rock:
Sorry to let the cat out of the bag, But I just had to take 1 last pic before I boxed him up :frowning:
As we discussed he just needs to be stuffed one the right places and he’ll look like he did in 85! :rock:

Don, this is amazing work! I don’t even want to know how much you’re changing for one of these… :open_mouth:

That hair is spot on…