NO/BH/QOTS H6 Score!

Joining my BH6 and my SSN Curse is another 6 finished by Brad and Scott, this time a Nightowl 6. I’ve been drooling over this particular copy for years and was finally able to snatch it up last week. Many thanks to Samhaim83 who is not only a great member to deal with but is practically my neighbor. The mask travelled all of two miles to its new home.
Thanks for looking guys.

Im’ speechless :open_mouth:

Balls to the wall! Brad just knocks everything he does, out.

Killer mask brother! You are the 6 king.

The NO 6 is one of my favorite 6’s and you scored an outstanding copy!

Congratulations on scoring such a splendid six :drinkers:

That’s a beauty you have right there man.

Good lord Jason!!
Don’t think I’ll get over this one :laughing: :rock:
Big big congrats buddy :drinkers:

good lord brother that is beyond beautiful. hat trick of top artists as well WOW!!! congratulations!!!


Glad it got their safe buddy! Miss this one already. Nice shots dude! :drinkers:


Thanks guys!

It’s a shame that this thread gets only few replies :confused:

It depends on how you look at. The percentage of looks to posted replies is around 10%, which is actually a pretty good response rate. I consider that a successful topic thread. Look at some other threads and their look to response ratios and the number often dips below 5%, meaning people weren’t impressed enough with the content to reply.

I could respond to every nice comment and puff the thread out a bit but I don’t like to do that. Also, H1/H2 masks will always be more popular, it’s the classic look that brought us all here. H6 freaks, like the ones who posted here, are a smaller but passionate part of the forum. A page of responses is pretty standard for nice shots of a later sequel mask score, I’m happy people enjoy the mask. I sure do.

that thing is sick bro. congrats man!! :smiley: :sunglasses: :rock: