Well my first conversion has been somewhat a success…even though I’m gonna have to redo it. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but never really had the guts too until now. I just wanted to know the feeling of having a mask that I converted myself…there’ something very exciting about converting a mask…it’s fun trying to create your own style. I just think back to when TLW converted the hero…he had zero expectations and look what he created. My goal isn’t really to recreate the hero look…just too have fun and try something different. Back to the drawing board though…the paint is cracking already :rolleyes:

Looks really good, how long did it take you ?


That looks great Frank, you’ve done a hell of a job considering its your first ever conversion.ive been doing mask work for sometime and when you first start out sure there is fear but once you get into it all that soon passes and it soon turns to excitement i really enjoy it now using your own imagination as to how you want your work to look and its not always about being accurate to the hero all time but just putting your own style on things.Well Done bro Best first time Conversion i can ever remember seeing :drinkers: :rock: :rock:

I think it looks great!

It looks great despite the cracking

Looks damn good man.

Looks good man! You’ll only get better with time so keep it up.

What :open_mouth: Your first conversion :open_mouth:
I love it man

Your first conversion?!

You did a hell of a job Frank. Those eye cuts are impressive.

Right on, Frank! :drinkers:

Looks really good man… Great job. Never would have thought it was your first :rock:


Lookin good brotha… and love the pics!


looks dirty, gritty and mean…LOVE it brother. great work, if this is your first you reallt seem to have the touch. keep it up~!


Looks great! What a fantastic result for your first conversion, amazing! :drinkers:

Frank that looks awesome! I can’t believe that’s your first conversion :open_mouth:
I can’t wait to see it when you redo it!

wow guys thanks!..to answer your question Sean…it took me a few hours to do this with the eyecuts taking about an hour. Eyecuts are tricky…its not really the shape that’s a problem…it’s getting them to look somewhat smooth that’s hard. They can get very jaggy looking.

thanks again guys…I should have this done within the next few weeks…I just have to find the right paint :imp:

Saw that on my phone during work :astonished: :astonished:
Insane work Frank :rock:
Love it!!

thanks Kaizu!..here’s a worn shot.

BOOBS :rock: :rock: