OLD pics of a AHG/H78

This mask was cool, would of kept it but the hair bothered the heck out of me

Man that looks pretty spot on to the original. Bummer you got rid of it-

I’m kinda new but that’s a NAG H78 right but what does AHG stand for??

as far as i know AHG is all hallow ghost …he cooperated with nikolas and painted the mask :slight_smile:

Nag, stands for Nicholas Art Galleries, AHG stands for All Gallows Ghost. Nik created the H78, back in late 07, and some members ask Mike aka AHG.to convert the H78 the way he saw it. Hope this helps

You’re like me. I won’t even consider buying a mask, unless the hair is awesome.

Yunno" there are such things as Rehairs man didn’t you ever consider that im sure i would have if i owned that Beauty,its a shame you let him go :frowning:

Jon that was my fav copy that Mike did back then. The hair wasnt my cup of tea either, but man that was a good copy there.

I don’t know what it is exactly about Mike’s eye cuts but they do it for me like no other converter. Respect to all the guys who convert these things but Mike’s cuts just draw me in. Especially on these 78’s.

Should have kept that one Jon. I’m sure you miss it.

Yeap I know what a rehair is! Other things bothered me too…I only sell my myers masks if it just doesn’t do it for me orr I need the money. I actually forgot about this mask but I was going through my phototbucket and simply wanted to share a few pics.
I thought about a rehair every day when I had it, but at the time therewas no one that could hair well enough for my taste. Plus 1k was very tasty lol

Oh well thats all fair enough, and i can fully respect that it just didn’t do it for you and you had other more needy tastes on the agenda as do we all some times :slight_smile:

Thats such a great H78. One of the best ever. :supz:

Well, I don’t recall myers having grayish white hair.
Other than that the H78 is still one of my Favs when done right.

i personally love the H78! And that is a sweet copy my friend!!! :rock: :drinkers:

Man that was a sweet copy.